One of the top healing herbs to have in your life is Echinacea. Whether you plant medicinal herbs in your backyard to have it fresh, or you buy Echinacea herbs to make tea and other herbal remedies at home, it will benefit you to learn more about it. Here are some different reasons to have Echinacea in your life.


Echinacea Helps to Reduce Pain

If you struggle with chronic pain, you can get it relieved with echinacea. It can also help with acute pain like when you have a sore throat, stomach ache, or tooth pain from an infection or cavity. If you get tonsillitis or bronchitis, it is really good at relieving the discomfort. In addition to this, it helps tremendously with chronic headaches and migraines, bowel problems, and pain from sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhea
and herpes.

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You Can Have a Healthier Immune System

Another reason everyone should have access to Echinacea is the fact that it can help you have a better immune system. A lot of herbs provide boosting the immunes system as a benefit, and Echinacea is no exception. There are properties in this powerful herb that can keep you from infections, cold, flu, and various related illnesses. This doesn’t mean a little echinacea is going to resolve a major case of the flu, but that when you use it regularly, your immune system becomes stronger, and your body fights these infections a little better. It can also help to reduce the severity of these illnesses and the
length you have them.

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Your Mental Health Will Be Greatly Improved

Also don’t underestimate how good echinacea is for your mental health. Many people don’t realize it, but this herb can help with depression, anxiety, various phobias, and even ADD and ADHD. There is a species called echinacea angustifolia that is often used to help treat ADHD as a natural remedy. You should not replace all other mental health treatments you are getting for ADHD or anxiety, but this is something good to bring up with your doctor or speak to a holistic practitioner about.

In addition to these health benefits, echinacea is also soothing and relaxing, so it can help you get better sleep, improve overall stress and anxiety, and simple help with your general health and wellness. If you start an herbal medicine cabinet, make sure you always have some Echinacea on hand.

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