If you aren’t feeling well, then instead of taking medication, you can drink medicinal teas that are typically made from herbs or other plants. This is a great way to use more natural, healing herbs if that is something you are interested in. Below are some amazing medicinal teas you can try, but they are by no means the only ones available.

best medicinal teas - medicinal herbal teas

Medicinal Herbal Teas:

Lemon Balm Tea

The first healing medicinal tea is lemon balm tea, which is refreshing and great especially in the spring and summer months. Lemon balm tea has a delicious flavor, and this beverage also offers health benefits such as regulating your body’s blood glucose or eliminating bacteria from your digestive tract. You can pour dried lemon balm leaves into a glass bottle that is filled with warm water to make an herbal tea.

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Sage Tea

You can also try a hot cup of sage tea. Sage tea offers health benefits such as
preventing cognitive difficulties and reducing the overproduction of perspiration. Warm
sage tea is also recommended for digestive issues that include bloating, diarrhea or
heartburn. You can make sage tea by pouring boiling water over sage leaves until you
have a warm beverage.

Hibiscus Tea

By drinking hibiscus tea, you can alleviate liver diseases, cholesterol problems or high blood pressure. Regular consumption of hibiscus tea can increase your body’s metabolism, helping you to lose excess weight. You can find hibiscus tea at online specialty stores. This is a delicious, fruity tea with a mild flavor that is amazing alone or with some added flavor using raw honey or just a bit of sugar.

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Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea has an energizing flavor that can help you overcome digestive issues such as nausea along with reducing pain and inflammation. Not only can drinking peppermint tea boost your immune system, but also, it can help to eliminate halitosis. It is easy to find peppermint tea bags at local supermarkets. Peppermint tea is great to have early in the morning for more energy, or any time you are having tummy or digestive issues.

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea offers numerous benefits for the body, including inducing relaxation so that you can sleep. This mildly flavored medicinal tea is also appropriate for alleviating your menstrual cramping or the symptoms from a cold. Look for loose chamomile tea in a tea store so that you can place it in a mesh strainer before pouring boiling water over it.


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