If you’ve been looking into natural remedies for the various bites, cuts, and stings out there, you might be surprised to find that there are a good amount of suggestions out there to help guide in making your very own natural medicine cabinet. Here is a short list of the general things that you might want to include in your natural medicine cabinet.

Natural Medicine Cabinet

Healing Herbs

Herbs with medicinal value are a great place to start in your natural medicine cabinet.

Echinacea – This can greatly shorten your time during colds and manage symptoms.
Basil – Basil will both calm the stomach and alleviate stress.
Parsley – Parsley is rich in antioxidants, and is anti-inflammatory. It can help reduce gas, and is a diuretic.
Marigold – This herb can treat a variety of fungal infections. It is associated with boosting the immune system and help control candida.

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Vitamins, Minerals and Probiotics

Vitamin C and Echinacea – Aids with Immune system function.
Zinc – Helps with immune system function.
Magnesium with calcium – Great for prevention of muscle cramps.
Vitamin B – Excellent for maintaining stamina, keeps energy level higher throughout the day.
Probiotics – These are very important for maintaining a healthy level of gut flora.
Acidophilus for example, aids in digestion and immunity.
Cod Liver Oil – This oil is a great source of vitamin D.
Colloidal Silver – A flavorless antibacterial and antiviral liquid

Essential Oils

Eucalyptus – Excellent for using in mixtures aimed at alleviating respiratory irritation.
Peppermint – Can help with tension headaches, and helps calm indigestion.
Lavender – Great for burns and is a powerful anti bacterial. Also known to aid in fighting anxiety.
Chamomile – Has a relaxing effect, used often in aromatherapy and has been known to help with menstrual problems.
Rosemary – Aids in alertness, treats some issues with the nervous system, boost memory function and treats varicose veins.

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Activated Charcoal

This marvelous powder can help you prevent hangovers, control gas in the digestive tract, filter water, and can be used to draw poisons, and toxins away from the skin. You can use it in your own toothpaste to whiten teeth.


Cheesecloth or mesh strainers – can help you to extract the properties from your herbs, or used in a poultice.
Droppers – for better control in quantity of use, and adding drops of essential oils to mixtures.
Jars – for keeping unused mixtures.
Linen bags – Great for making your own soothing teas, and for applying solutions to areas of the body.
Cloth Bandages – for wrapping wounds after applying healing solutions.

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