When you think about it, we’re surrounded by many forms of toxins.  From the bottle of “improved and stronger” multipurpose cleaning we bought to clean our home with, to the higher levels of toxins in our water supply, poisons envelop our world.  Not only do we clean with them, we ingest, breathe in, and absorb the toxins contained in our food supply and environment.  It’s no wonder that our health suffers as a result.  Diseases like cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, respiratory problems, and skin disorders abound, all of which can be related to toxicity. 

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The burden that toxins carry can also become our burden as well.  A toxic body is sluggish, lethargic, and listless. We’ve all found ourselves wishing at one time or another, if not daily, for increased energy levels, the ability to think clearly and make sound decisions, and a way to stop suffering from headaches, aches, pains, and digestive and breathing difficulties. 

The process of detoxification can help clear those toxins from our body’s cells, and put us on the path of healing from the inside out.  Detoxification involves a whole host of lifestyle and dietary changes. It includes avoiding both environmental and food toxins, eliminating refined foods and sugars, caffeine, tobacco, alcohol and drugs, and introducing purified drinking water, increasing fiber intake and increasing daily exercise.  By taking these steps, our body can begin the process of purging the poisons from our systems, which will in turn increase energy and mental capacities, relieve lethargy, pain and stress, and improve digestive and respiratory functionality.  Once those things begin to happen, our body is more able to do the job it was designed to do.  Increased energy, a more positive outlook, more stable blood glucose and blood pressure can all be a direct result from purging the poisons from the body. 


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