Anytime you watch the news, read a magazine, surf the internet, or read the newspaper one thing is clear – we are concerned about our health.

There are several different ways to achieve a better state of health. You can make diet and lifestyle changes that result in you reaching your goals. But unfortunately, we often turn to fad diets and extreme exercising in order to achieve what we believe to be a normal state of health.

Well, doing things that are extreme are not necessarily good for you. The body is a very complex machine. It takes the right nutrients in order for it to perform optimally. Our modern diets are depleted in a lot of these nutrients and it makes it difficult to achieve the level of health that we really want. Even a diet that is healthy by certain standards may not contain all we need. That is, unless, we consume a high amount of raw foods in order to make up for it.

One of the best ways out there to live a healthy lifestyle is to make the switch and eat a diet made up of mainly raw foods. This includes any food that is in its uncooked state.
Because raw foods contain a high amount of nutrients, especially if the raw foods are also organic, it can help clear up certain health problems like obesity and heart disease and cause you to live a life that is filled with energy and free of disease.

Celebrities have embraced this way of eating as well. In fact, this is a diet that countless celebrities, like Alicia Silverstone, have endorsed in the past. They hear about it, try it, and decide that it is one of the healthiest diets out there. In fact, most people who enjoy the raw foods diet are convinced it’s responsible for their increased energy and improved health. All they need to do is read the facts about it and then try it. The resulting energy and improved state of health are certainly enough to convince them.

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What Does It Mean To Eat Raw Foods?

A raw foods diet is one that contains mostly food that is in its uncooked form. Food can be heated to a certain extent, but not if it reaches above 116 degrees Fahrenheit. This is because high temperatures can destroy the nutrients and other things that make the diet so healthy.

However, some people mistakenly believe that the raw foods diet contains no cooked foods. This is not true because some raw foodists eat a diet with as little as 60% raw foods and as much as 100%. People who are new to eating a raw foods diet may choose to stick to the lower end. As they realize how helpful this diet really is to their health, they may increase the amount of raw food in their diet. This is good news for them because some people want to make the switch but are not willing to go “cold turkey”.

They want something gradual. Besides, changing to a raw foods diet all at once may not be good for your digestive system. You need to give the body adequate time to adapt to the new way of eating.

Despite that one minor thing, this is a desirable diet in a lot of ways. The foods can be incredibly diverse because there are a lot of creative chefs out there who have put together some really creative recipes. And think about it. Ever since childhood we have been told to eat our fruits and vegetables. When we diet one of the first things we do is reach for the raw veggies as a snack because they’re filling, satisfying, and low calorie.

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Interesting how the things people were saying to us in childhood have come true – they weren’t just myths. Raw foods really are good for you.

Some raw foodists practice what is known as raw veganism – they endorse an entirely plant based diet. Others eat things like raw meats, raw fish, raw eggs, non-pasteurized and non-homogenized dairy products in addition to the uncooked plant foods. It is important to note that one has to be really careful when putting this kind of diet together, however. Some foods can be harmful when eaten raw. However, we’ll go over that later.


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