Chronic illness can be a drain on your immune system. So many people have a chronic illness caused by autoimmune disease and just aren’t getting well. In order to achieve health and freedom from the symptoms associated with chronic disease, you need to first understand how to get started living better.

That’s what The Autoimmune Wellness Handbook can teach you. The book shares that in order to prevent an autoimmune condition from wreaking havoc on your system, you need to approach your health from a holistic viewpoint.

When you do this, you’ll take the first step on a healing journey. The book is a practical blueprint that can teach anyone how to live healthy regardless of what kind of autoimmune disease they’re living with.

Along with the guidance, you’ll discover that there’s a good reason why going to the doctor and getting medication for your condition didn’t make you feel any better. Sometimes, invasive intervention is suggested and that doesn’t work to keep you feeling good.

The book explains why this doesn’t help and shows readers what they need to do in order to find proper healing. The author divides the information into seven chapters with each having a focus on a step you can take to find wellness even though you have an autoimmune condition.

After the chapters featuring the steps you can take, the book presents a chapter on meal planning and the recipes that you can follow. The final chapter is what you’ll use to learn more about exercising with an autoimmune condition and how to conduct your lifestyle so that wellness is key.

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By following the actions identified in the book, you’ll be able to restore your health and help your immune system. The authors aren’t people who are teaching in theory. They’ve lived the experience of having and overcoming autoimmune diseases.

You’ll learn how you can take charge of your health – including having a doctor who can help you on your wellness journey. The book teaches how to inform yourself about your condition, how to understand what you need for treatment and dealing with the news of getting diagnosed.

You’ll be able to follow the autoimmune checklists as well as integrate the recipes into your life. These are easy to make recipes that were created with the Autoimmune Protocol in mind.

Included are meal plans as well as desserts. The book shares a month long eating plan, including how to how to handle the foods you’ll eliminate. Beyond that, the book includes a three month guide so that you manage your chronic illness.

The best way you can handle a harrowing autoimmune condition and get on the road to recovery is found in empowering yourself and that’s exactly what the book helps readers do.

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