Viral illness isn’t a new thing. For decades, the world has battled one after another. Some years, it’s the flu, other years, it’s something that people consider more dangerous – such as Ebola.

Each time something new unfolds, it seems to intensify in strength. What’s happening during those times is that people’s immune systems are under attack. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t be prepared and that you can’t withstand whatever is here or returning.

The book, Viral Immunity, explains exactly how you can build an immunity that can protect you when you need it the most. It shares how to boost your immune system to a level where it’s strong enough even without vaccinations or other modern health interventions to fight off whatever hits it.

In part one of the book, you’ll learn all about viruses. The book teaches which viruses are already present. You’ll discover the ones that are pretty common, and which ones are aren’t.

The author explains the viruses as tiny organisms you can’t see, except through a microscope. These tiny invaders know how to make their way into your body and they’re smart enough to know how to use your cells as a host.

They know how to adapt to where they exist. The author covers this information in a calm, easy to understand way that readers can use to understand why it’s important that they enhance their immunity.

You’ll learn what steps you need to take right now in order to build your immunity. The author goes into depth on why you need to build your immunity. The book covers the symptoms you may experience when dealing with viral issues such as fever and fatigue.

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You’ll learn that long after you’ve recovered from a virus, you can still battle fatigue. The author covers the main reasons that you get sick and what steps you need to take in order to heal when this does happen.

Part two of the book is when the author breaks down what the 10 steps are for building viral immunity. The guidance included here is on creating a strong immune system first. You’ll also be taught simple actions you can do in order to support your immune system.

The book explains why you want to make antioxidants a part of your life and why enzymes are important. It also shares why having hormonal balance is needed for immune heath.

One section features a part on detoxing and how to decide if this is something that you need to do. With the help of this book, you’ll learn how to heal viruses using different methods.

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