When you’re cold, the first thing you think of is turning up the thermostat or getting somewhere so that you can get warm. You probably don’t think about how the cold can help you lose weight.

Scientists Are Studying the Effect of Cold in Helping with Weight Loss

Yet it can. In fact, cold is a productive way to weight loss. The science behind it is both complicated and simple. It all begins with the receptors in your body. You have millions of these.

When the cold receptors receive the right amount of activity or stimuli, they respond with actions such as by boosting the metabolism for one. A lot of studies have been done on finding the best possible ways to lose weight loss because weight gain is on the rise from childhood and on up creating an epidemic of obesity.

The study on cold was the result of wanting to know how to stop this epidemic. Thanks to this study on how cold can affect and help the body lose weight, the results are pretty promising for those wanting to slim down.

By using the treatment methods discovered in the study, people can expect help with the weight loss through appetite control for one. The metabolism boost is another. But the cold treatment also can help the body improve on how well glucose is controlled and used by the body, which can be a factor in both weight gain and obesity.

The study shows that the ability to eradicate glucose intolerance is possible. In the study, scientists were able to pinpoint that exercise done through swimming in cold weather changed the body’s energy and lowered the hunger a person felt.

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Scientists discovered that through stimulating the body’s cold receptors, it caused the brown fat to kick in, which is what’s needed to burn energy. This brown fat is full of cells that go to work to break the body fat down.

When this process happens, it affects other processes that are linked to weight gain and fat storage, like insulin resistance and slow metabolism. When the factors that are stalling your weight loss are removed, then your body will kick into gear and begin losing the weight even if you found it tough to lose in the past.

In further studies done on how cold can help with weight loss, it was found that icilin acts as a cold receptor. When you get cold, your body begins to shiver. During that process, the brown fat is then boosted so that it begins to work to fight fat and help you with your weight loss goals. The process creates an energy turnover within the body. The longer the cold stimuli is used, the more interaction it creates with the fat cells.

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