Himalayan salt lamps are lamps that are made from Himalayan salts, and known to . create a cleaner environment and promote healing in a variety of different ways. This is due to the heat of the light bulb activating the ions in the salt of the lamp. These beautiful lamps not only provide a gentle d├ęcor in your home, but can help with everything from allergies to headaches. Here are some things to know about using these lamps for natural healing purposes.

Himalayan Salt Lamps

Know What the Lamp Can do for You Before you learn how to use the Himalayan salt lamp, you need to understand what exactly it can do for you. It comes with a lot of potential health benefits, though you may
not experience them all. However, by placing it in the right room and under correct circumstances, you just might start reaping the benefits of using it. One of the top benefits is that the Himalayan salt lamp can help to cleanse the room of toxins and allergens. This is why it is so amazing for people who struggle with allergies and respiratory conditions.

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This type of lamp can also help with relieving pain from headaches and migraines, helping with blood system disorders, improving skin conditions, and relieving stress and anxiety. If you have insomnia, it can be wonderful for that as well. Knowing the benefits and what you want to use it for will also help you determine where you want to place it.

Place it in a Room That Will Benefit You the Most Think about what you want to use the himalayan salt lamp for, and that will determine where to place it. Keep in mind you can get more than one lamp if you need it in
multiple areas of your home.

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If your biggest problem right now is insomnia and stress while you are trying to fall asleep, then you will naturally place it in your bedroom. Keep in mind that it does produce some light, and turning it on is the only way to fully benefit. So, it should not be used while you are sleeping, but rather when you are relaxing at night during your nighttime routine.

You can put it in your living room or family room if you want to protect everyone from allergens that might be in your home, or in your office to get some nice clean and detoxed air to help you focus while you work.

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