If you have seen people with lamps that look like pink salt, that is exactly what it is ? a salt lamp.

Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan salt lamps are not just for show, but have been known to provide many benefits, including helping reduce allergies, calming the body, and cleansing the room of allergens.

Take a look at what Himalayan salt lamps might be able to do for you.

The Way These Lamps Work

Himalayan salt lamps work both with the salt they contain, and the heat generated from the light bulb inside the lamp. The salt itself helps to absorb different allergens and particles that might be floating in the air, which is why many people use them for allergies and cleansing their home. Once the salt absorbs the particles and water, it then needs to return water vapor back into the environment in your home, which is what happens when you turn the lamp on. The heat will activate the ions in the salt, helping to release negative ions and help keep your lungs clear.

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Where You Should Place Them

Where should you put your Himalayan salt lamp? The great thing is you get health benefits in just about every room of your home. However, because the salt can absorb so much moisture, it is not recommended that you use them in a damp environment, like a bathroom or basement. Keep them in dry areas of your home where you want to reap the most benefits, such as a living room, bedrooms, nursery, or home office. You can of course keep them anywhere, and having more than one in your home is highly
recommended for the most healing benefits.

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The Many Benefits You Will Get

There are quite a few potential health benefits to using Himalayan salt lamps in your home. First of all, they can help to cleanse the air in your home. This is often the reason most people will get these types of lamps. You can remove bad toxins and allergens from the air, which helps to keep your lungs clear, helps to prevent respiratory illnesses like the common cold, and can reduce allergy symptoms.

Another benefit from cleansing the air is that it can actually naturally deodorize it, helping it to smell a little better inside your home. Himalayan salt lamps have also been known to help balance out moods for people. It can help boost your mood, give you natural energy during the day, and help relieve stress and anxiety. Similarly, this also helps many people with their insomnia.

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