In order to follow a raw foods diet, care needs to be taken that more than half, or at least sixty per cent, of all of the food you consume need to be in their raw state. If this is a lifestyle you are considering, keep these things in mind as you make the switch or think about making the change.

  • A raw foods diet should include little, if any, cooked foods. In fact, foods can be heated but the amount aloud is not that much. If you want to eat a pure raw foods diet nothing can be cooked.
  • Being a vegan is an additional, optional choice. However, even though some animal foods are allowed it is certainly easier to eat an entirely plant based diet. That’s why most raw foodists are actually vegetarian and some are even complete vegans.
  • Eating organic food is another way to increase the benefits of the raw food diet. This is because organic food is much higher in nutrients.
  • Another great thing about the raw foods diet is that there aren’t a lot of convenience foods out there which further add to the health benefits. However, you can find packaged foods in the store. These are very good for you, however, and not considered processed foods at all.
  • Eating a raw foods diet definitely saves you time in the kitchen because you won’t need to prepare elaborate meals. However, there are some recipes. It’s just that there aren’t a lot of complex meals t hat are being made. This saves you a lot of hassle when preparing meals.

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Of course, if you’ve been following the raw foods diet, these are things you’ve already experienced. This is a diet that when followed correctly and with the right mindset it can benefit your life and your health considerably. And if you are looking to make the switch, it is easy to follow especially if you choose the vegan route.


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