It is also important to understand that there are different levels of being a raw foodist.

Here are the choices:

  • Eat a 100% raw diet that doesn’t include any cooked foods at all.
  • Be a raw foods vegan where 100% of your diet comes from plant sources. This is optional because you can still find raw animal sources of foods such as raw oysters and raw milk straight from the cow.
  • Be a raw food vegetarian in some form. Lacto-ovo vegetarians only eat plant based foods as well as dairy and eggs. Remember that all dairy and egg products need to be in their raw state. You can also eat only dairy and plant foods or only egg and plant foods.
  • Eat a partial raw foods diet. You can still be considered a raw foodist by eating as little as a 60% raw foods diet. This is something that is great for a beginner but you also may want to stick with this exclusively as you get more experienced.

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These are just some of the things to keep in mind as you work through and decide to make the switch. If you are undecided if this is truly the lifestyle for you, you may want to have a 60% raw foods diet at first and not worry about omitting animal foods for now. You can always transition to something more dramatic as a personal choice later on in your journey.


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