Every year, new dietary trends arise from various health and fitness enthusiasts as well as dieticians. In past years, we’ve seen the rise of diets like ketosis, paleo, veganism, and more.

The Pioppi diet

All of them have their own benefits and drawbacks, but a new diet is on the horizon going into 2020: the Pioppi diet. The Pioppi diet is based off of the dietary habits of the people in a small town in Italy called Pioppi.

It began trending around the UK, and has started to spread around the world. Having been based off of an Italian town, this diet is similar to the already existing Mediterranean diet, but it has a few different tweaks that set it apart.

One of the main restrictions of the Pioppi diet is that it heavily limits the amount of carbs and sweets you can eat, but is otherwise high in fats. This means a lot of your diet will be spent eating things like nuts, beans, or veggies.

It also doesn’t allow the consumption of red meat, so you’ll likely be sticking with just chicken and fish for your sources of protein. One of the unique features of the Pioppi diet is the weekly fast that it incorporates.

Fasting once a week allows you to clean out your system thoroughly, which can help take excess fats out along with it. In a way, this also incorporates parts of a ketogenic diet, by severely limiting the amount of carbs you take in.

Due to the fact that Pioppi is a small and somewhat low-income town, the people there often eat much smaller portion sizes. This is also incorporated into the Pioppi diet, though it’s also just a good general rule when it comes to dieting.

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Portion sizes are a major cause of weight gain in western countries, because while the food may be healthy, too much of anything can be a bad thing. The main reason that Pioppi was chosen as the town to emulate for dieting is that the people are notably more healthy than other average towns.

The citizens there have been shown, on average, to have longer lives with less serious diseases, including lower rates of Alzheimer’s and diabetes. Many dieticians and other medical professionals have attributed the better lives of the people in Pioppi to their dietary practices. This diet can help just about anyone improve their physical health, both in regards to weight and to diseases.

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