As you start looking at natural remedies for various physical and mental health issues, you will notice that herbs often come up as recommended. While there are a lot of common herbs, like lavender and basil, you should also consider some of the less common. This brings us to catnip, which is not only good for cats, but great for humans.

Catnip Herb

Here are some reasons you should have the catnip herb.

It Can Help You Sleep

Have you been having trouble sleeping? Maybe you are restless before bed, or have high amounts of stress. Insomnia occurs in many forms, from making it difficult to fall asleep, to causing restless sleep where you make up multiple times a night. This can be helped with natural remedies, including the catnip herb. While catnip makes your cats energetic and hyper, it does the opposite for humans. It can actually slow your heart
rate down, ease stress, and provide sedative qualities. A cup of catnip tea each night during your bedtime routine will improve your sleep immensely.

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Your Inflammation is Reduced

There are a wide range of illnesses and medical conditions that are related to inflammation, from arthritis and gout, to a joint that is swollen from a sprain or even hemorrhoids. The inflammation causes swelling, which affects how well you can move the joint, plus causing quite a bit of pain. A good herb for inflammation is the catnip herb, which has properties to not only relax your mind and body, but reduce inflammation at the same time. Since it also speeds up the healing process in the body, it is great when you have an injury like a sprained ankle.

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It Helps With Stress and Anxiety

If you start drinking catnip tea each day, you will also notice that helps tremendously with mental health, including stress and anxiety. The sedative nature in the herb is what really helps to relax your mind and body, relieving the stress you might be having. This relaxation effect is also helpful if you have anxiety or you struggle with panic attacks. If you are someone that tends to get more anxiety at night when you are in bed, then
drinking catnip tea is perfect for you!

You can get the catnip herb as a seed or plant that you can grow in your backyard, or you can purchase the dried herb from an herbalist or natural health store.

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