You may have heard by now that Weight Watchers has undergone new branding. The reason that the company has done this is because over time, thoughts and views about dieting have changed.

There’s no longer a concentrated focus on just dieting because people striving to lose weight need more than that. In order to keep up with the changing consumer outlook on what getting in shape should be, the company took a fresh look at losing weight.

Instead of solely focusing on dieting, Weight Watchers decided they needed to approach losing weight as a journey of wellness. Instead of only getting the weight off, it’s a total evolution into what helps a person reach what’s best for them.

It’s a better approach to your health. You can take a page out of Weight Watcher’s book to use their changes in your own life. Whatever your goals are, you can take the focus off of dieting and instead choose to look at losing weight as a journey into well being.

Choose to get rid of the extra pounds that you want to lose by focusing your attention on consuming meals and snacks that are healthier for your body. This will give you a lifetime of new eating habits that are good for you rather than limiting yourself to a diet that’s just focused on losing weight.

Like the Weight Watcher’s new branding difference, you can make sure that you’re less sedentary than you were. By choosing to exercise or be more physically active, you’re taking steps in the right direction.

You’ll also want to make sure you get rid of the negative self talk or defeatist attitude and focus your mind on what’s good, on what’s healthy and what’s positive. A positive attitude can go a long way toward keeping your motivation at a high level.

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What Weight Watchers did with their rebranding was to shed the connotation about weight being the all important phrase. They’re using in their branding exactly what consumers are looking for and that’s a healthy lifestyle that’s obtainable.

Something that the company is doing even through the change is it’s still relying on a system of awards for positive behavioral changes that are healthy. These changes are things like going to the gym or paying attention to what you eat.

You can follow the same system even if you don’t necessarily follow the Weight Watchers. You can track your good habits and reward yourself when you accomplish something that leads to a healthier lifestyle. Decide what your own rewards system is going to look like and what prize you’re going to give yourself when you reach each of your positive change goals.

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