There are certain types of tea, such as VitaCup Probiotic Blend Tea, that are more than simply a delicious beverage. This tea is known to strengthen the immune system. You want that strength year-round, not just when you need to get over some kind of infection.

You won’t have to worry that it might taste medicinal either. This product has a light flavor of peppermint to delight the palate. Because it’s packed with plenty of vitamins, it can help your immune system be prepared to fight off the elements that make you sick.

The ingredients are loaded with antioxidants that are known to work as a preventative against certain viruses. Plus, these antioxidants can work to help you feel better fast if you’re under the weather.

Not only that, but the power of these antioxidants, which come from superfoods are known to help your gut bacteria, which is an important part of your immune system.

This product would still fly off the shelf even if all it had going for it was the delicious peppermint taste.

But it also has plenty of prebiotics. These are compounds that are beneficial to your gut health. They work to create a healthy platform for good bacteria. In this tea, the prebiotics are found in the aloe vera ingredient.

Thanks to the enzymes in the aloe vera, it helps restore digestive health. Plus, the product contains probiotics. These are live bacteria. You need both prebiotics and probiotics working together for optimal immune health.

Both of these in combination can balance gut bacteria. There’s a good reason that the tea has this focus on prebiotics and probiotics. Most people think that if they eat foods or take supplements to protect their immune system that it’s all they need to do to prevent or fight viruses.

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But if your gut health is out of balance, your immune system just won’t work right no matter what you do. Probiotic foods and teas such as this product are not only a good idea, they’re a necessity.

What’s important in the product is that the probiotics are heat-resistant. These probiotics have what’s known as spore colony building ability, which makes them able to not only remain viable through processing but also through the acid in the stomach.

This allow the product to get where it needs to go which is the digestive system. The tea also contains plenty of the B vitamins. The maker of the tea supports environmental good habits by using recycled biodegradable boxes the tea comes in. The bags the individual teas come in are also biodegradable. The product comes with 28 tea bags per box.

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