Many people today have taken to using essential oils and other sensory treatments to change their moods and improve their health. Psychologists believe that certain smells and certain colors can affect how a person behaves or feels.

Use Lavender to Prevent Emotional Eating

Certain smells can make you hungry, some colors can get you fired up, and certain sounds can make you upset. When it comes to calming you down, no smell is better than lavender.

One of the main triggers that drives some people to overeat is stress. So many people choose comfort foods, which are typically high calorie, to calm them down when they’re upset.

After a bad day, they might come home and eat a bunch of ice cream or sweets to make themselves a bit happier. The problem is, this can also lead to serious weight gain, which can upset you even more.

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The smell of lavender has an inherent soothing property. Lab based research has proven that lavender?s scent reduces anxiety and stress, both of which can cause someone to overeat.

It has certain properties so that when you smell it, your brain receives certain signals, which helps you calm down. Now, ideally, it would be very efficient to have some actual lavender sitting around in your room that you could smell every time you were feeling stressed ? but that would be very expensive.

Instead, because most people don?t have that luxury, there are many options available to help you get that calming smell flowing around your room or house without having to deal with actual flowers.

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They vary in effectiveness and cost, but it?s recommended that you try a few of them and see what works for you. One option that you can take is a basic air freshener. These are fairly cheap, and can just plug into any wall outlet.

They come in a wide variety of scents, and lavender is among the most popular. The problem with air fresheners is that they can burn out quickly and the smell might not be very potent.

Another option that many have taken to is incense. Incense sticks are usually set up in a room and lit at one end, slowly burning down throughout the day. They have been used in some cultures for spiritual purposes, but in many western cultures, they’re either for show or for smell. Lavender incense sticks are easily available and can help brighten any room. The smell you get from these sticks is also much more potent than other options.

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