One of the most important factors to staying health as well as healing your immune system is through the use of nutrients. Though the average person knows about nutrients, they don’t understand they can be applied in order to create a healthier body.

That’s why a guide like The Nutrient Dense Kitchen is so important. The book begins with the author sharing her own story so that readers understand that it’s written by someone who gets what they’re going through.

The key focus of the book is on nutrient density and how it impacts health. When something is nutrient dense, this means that the food has a high amount of nutrients in the calories versus foods that have a lot of calories and little to offer nutritionally.

Having a nutrient dense eating plan is something that most people strive for, but they don’t understand how certain foods can get in the way. The book shows how certain foods undermine your health and don’t offer you the benefits that your body needs in order to be well.

You’ll learn why making sure you include the right foods with the right nutrient density is imperative for those who are battling a chronic condition. Plus, you’ll discover why this eating plan can help to keep you healthier going forward.

The book teaches readers about nutrivore eating. This will help you to discover which foods to eat in order to add the best nutrients to your diet. These will be nutrients that contain things like fiber and vitamins as well as minerals and an array of other things your body needs.

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You’ll learn how these nutrients impact how your body’s able to function. Plus, you’ll learn the foods to buy that are rich in these components. The book focuses on nutrivore learning for the important reason that this is at the core of healing your body.

The author gives you a chart so that you know exactly which foods you need to eat and which ones are the top quality ones. One of the chapters covers what’s known as the Autoimmune Protocol.

This is a method that teaches people how to prevent or reverse inflammation by using an approach that focuses on nutrients that balance gut bacteria and eliminate triggers. There are tips in the book that show how to choose the best foods without spending too much and what you can do to prepare both your pantry and your kitchen for this new lifestyle approach to nutrition.

There are plenty of recipes for meals featured – as well as snacks. It also covers extras such as dressings and sauces. Another part of the book is broken down into meal plans. You can choose according to the seasons, budget or for number of people eating.

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