Green tea is one of the most popular drinks in the world, but even people who swear by it are often surprised by just how many health benefits that they’re getting from their morning cuppa. Here are four reasons to reach for green tea the next time that you’re feeling thirsty!

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1. It helps you burn fat and lose weight

Pick up any bottle of weight loss pills. There’s a good chance that green tea will be one of its active ingredients. Not only does it boost the metabolism and help you burn calories at a quicker rate, but since a big glass of tea will fill your stomach, it’ll keep you from being hungry, too. The next time you are struggling to lose weight, skip the fad or crash diet, and instead make yourself a healthy cup of green tea. You can also increase the health of the tea with adding honey.

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2. It’s good for your heart

Multiple studies have shown that flavonoids are good for cardiovascular health. Can you guess what’s in green tea? Whether you’re hoping to reduce inflammation in your arteries or decrease your risk of a heart attack, green tea can help. Try pairing it with other heart-healthy foods and exercises. This won?t replace cardiovascular health treatments, but it can definitely reduce your risk for heart complications when you drink it on a regular basis.

3. It can boost your immune system

Green tea is full of catechins, and catechins are little cold-busters that like to kill bacteria and attack viruses. While it probably won’t stop you from getting a really stubborn strain of the flu, it might help to relieve your symptoms from the inside out. The warmth and steam of the cup can also unblock your sinuses. Who doesn’t need a nice natural immune system boost?

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4. It helps you retain memories

A study of Alzheimer’s patients has suggested that green tea might reduce the breakdown of acetylcholine. Acetylcholine helps you retain memories, so when it starts eroding, that’s when memories fade away. While nothing can stop cognitive diseases like Alzheimer’s, green tea might just slow it down a little. Your brain health needs your help, and when you can use natural remedies like healing tea, it doesn’t get much better than that.

These are just a few ways that green tea can be a benefit to your diet. Have fun brewing your next pot!

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