The next best alternative to ice cream?  Easy to make homemade sorbet. (fresh fruits)

Probably one of the best desserts you can eat yet is tremendously good for you is Sorbet. It is a frozen dessert made from iced fruit puree and any other ingredient you would like to add for a light dessert.  It is sort of a gelato that has no milk in it so is very good for lactose free individuals or milk allergies.  Some sorbets contain alcohol that lowers the freezing temperature and makes it slightly softer.  It is very dense and flavorful, matching ice cream for quality and taste.  The Villa Dolce, makers of Italian gelato, are one of the best producers of sorbet on the web.

Sorbet has a history behind it that says the Roman Emperor, Nero, invented it during the first century AD.  The story said Nero had runners along the Appian way, passing buckets of snow to the mountains to his banquet hall, where it was mixed with honey and wine.  Other countries also laid claim to the original invention, but the mixture of snow, juice and fruit pulp is delicious.  The French served it traditionally between the starter course and the main course, and is served as a non-fat and vegan alternative to ice cream.

Sorbet is made from water, and fruit puree.  It is an excellent source of Calcium and Vitamin C, and is naturally fat free and low in calories.  They make excellent fruit smoothies and are good for you in health aspects. They would be similar to fruit whips where you put ice, fruit, and some light flavoring in a blender to whip a light and airy, non dairy drink.  Very tasty, natural, and healthy.

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