If you are looking for a healthy herb that provides a lot of health benefits, you might want to consider bergamot. The bergamot tree is actually a type of citrus fruit trees making an orange that is yellow like a lemon. It is this tree that can make herbs or essential oils for your health and wellness. Here are some different health benefits of bergamot.

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It Helps With Your Mental Health

There are many herbs that provide natural treatment options for mental health disorders, and bergamot is no exception. This is really great for depression particularly, especially when you use it as an essential oil.

Bergamot has properties that help to boost your mood and energy, both of which are issues for people who suffer from chronic depression. A good way to use the essential oil is by inhaling it with an essential oil diffuser. If you prefer, you can also use it with aromatherapy, such as by adding
some drops to your bath in the evening.

Bergamot can also help with other mental health disorders, including anxiety and stress.
It provides mild sedative qualities which is good for anxiety, and it can greatly reduce your stress levels as well.

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You Will Get Better Sleep

Another wonderful benefit to the bergamot herb is that it can help you sleep much better. Insomnia is something many people struggle with, whether it is due to physical or mental issues, stress, or just something you have always dealt with. However, you can use the bergamot herb, oil, or essential oils to help you get better sleep. The herb can be used to make a relaxing tea before bed, or you can use the essential oil in the aforementioned methods. If you choose to use the oils, you might want to also add some lavender and chamomile, both of which also help to relax you.

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You Can Improve Your Digestion

Bergamot helps with physical issues as well, including your digestion. If you struggle with digestion issues, such as from conditions like gastrointestinal distress or IBS, having some bergamot can help greatly.

You can also get help with acid reflux0, excessive bile, and digestive acids with this herb. There is less strain on your digestive system when you consume the bergamot herb, such as with tea or cooking with it, which is going to help speed up the digestive process and help you find more relief.

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