There are more than 50 million people with autoimmune diseases and that number continues to climb. This statistic doesn’t even cover people who are struggling with health issues but don’t realize that what they have is an autoimmune condition.

The food that people eat is directly linked to causing symptoms and flare-ups of an autoimmune response. In the book, The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook, the author shares that what you eat can stop your autoimmunity issues.

The book also shares lifestyle changes you can undertake that can improve your health and boost your immune system. The first step involves learning what’s known as the Autoimmune Protocol.

This is taking the approach to your eating in a way that cuts out inflammation. Eating following this protocol gives your body time to heal. Plus, it also eliminates the inflammation that your condition inflicted on your immune system.

The author teaches that by following this step, you’ll be able to learn how you can eliminate the foods that trigger your condition. The book teaches readers that the link between autoimmune conditions and your body can end once you discover how to prepare meals that don’t have the allergen response.

By discovering how to prepare meals that support your health, you can overcome the damage that the autoimmunity did to your body. The Autoimmune Protocol is discussed in detail and highlights points such as explaining why it’s important that you do it.

This part of the book teaches you exactly what foods that you need to be eating. But it also covers the foods that you’ll need to leave alone. You’ll discover how to read the labels on the backs of foods so that the ingredients support your immune system and keep triggers away.

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The author explains why certain foods need to go and how to instead add what’s known as nutrient-dense foods. There’s a part on determining the best type of food within a food group to buy.

Another part of the book gives a helpful shopping list. Plus, readers will receive a list of advice on how to make the switch to the new eating protocol easier. You’ll learn why cooking a certain way is important and for convenience, the author gives readers two monthly eating plans to choose from.

Each of the plans follows the recipes you’ll find in the book. There are over a hundred recipes focused on all your daily meals, including desserts that you can follow for great tasting dishes.

You’ll be able to make these dishes without including common autoimmune triggers such as dairy or grains. The author also shares how you can build your pantry back up with foods that support your immune health.

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