If you want to stay well or get healthy, then you need to focus on immunity. When you have immunity, it means that whatever illness is going around isn’t going to affect you, or at least not to the same degree.

Super Immunity

If you’re someone who wants to boost your immune system, then you’ll want to learn how to through the book, Super Immunity. There are important lessons to be had whether you’re someone who caught every little bug known to mankind or whether you have what you consider to be an average immune system.

One of the main ideas that the author stresses is that a healthy immune system doesn’t just happen by chance. You can make it happen by making sure you have the kind of diet that builds immunity.

That means turning your focus to what the author teaches on micronutrients. When you have the right amount of micronutrients from superfoods, you can turn the health of your immune system around and get off the merry go ‘round of constantly catching something every time the sick seasons roll around.

The book shares a nutritional guide with readers that can teach them how to boost their immune health and build up a defense against disease. The part in the book that talks about the flu is pretty eye-opening.

Plus, he debunks popular myths such as the concept that the best diet is low fat. Something the author teaches is that traditional medical care just isn’t cutting it for so many people.

They go to the doctor just like they’re supposed to, they’re proactive with their health and they’re still struggling with it. That’s because the importance of diet isn’t being stressed enough.

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By changing your diet, you change your immune system. The book shares over 85 recipes that are plant based. The reason for the focus on plant-based eating is because that’s where you’re going to get the micronutrients that are so important to your health.

This is the power of superfoods in action. In this book, you’ll get a short menu plan that you can follow to jumpstart your journey to better health. Along with that, you’ll get a list of exactly which foods you need to start eating today.

You can use superfoods to reverse many conditions and you can use them to build up the kind of immunity so that you don’t have worry that you’ll catch the next illness that’s coming.

According to the author, the main reason your immune system isn’t working all that well is because even the so-called healthy diet you’re following doesn’t contain the powerhouse ingredients that it should.

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