For many centuries, elderberry has been used to treat a variety of conditions and illnesses. While you may not be able to go out into your yard to find elderberry right this moment, you can buy some elderberry syrup.

The syrup has been used to help people heal from infections as well as to get better when they get a viral problem such as a cold or flu. The elderberry properties are packed with plenty of nature’s goodness that aids the immune system in being able to fight against invading germs and viruses.

For one, the syrup is loaded with antioxidants. That’s one of the most well known compounds found in nature that’s used to promote good health. This product is made with premium elderberries, which are high in vitamin C.

This berry extract is so beneficial in helping the immune system because elderberries can give you more than half of the recommended daily amount of vitamin C. The ingredients in the syrup contain other vitamins that are known to offer immune support as well.

The product contains echinacea, which is also one of the reasons that it’s a good idea to take when you want to fight off a virus or use as a preventative. Echinacea has long been known as one of nature’s flu fighters.

People who take the syrup gain the benefit of this plant and show a marked improvement in the length of symptoms they might experience from the flu. It’s been known to lessen fevers, ease painful muscles and more when you’re sick.

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Not only does the ingredients in the syrup fight against viruses, but it works to stimulate your cells and promote their growth. This allows your body to fight back stronger than before.

Plus, the syrup is also known to lessen inflammation, which can weaken the immune system. It contains anthocyanins from elderberries. This is what gives the syrup such a powerful anti-inflammatory ability.

In addition, the elderberry ingredient provides quercetin, which is a strong antioxidant. So strong in fact that studies have shown it’s useful in fighting cancer cells. The syrup also contains propolis, which is known to reduce inflammation as well.

This 4 ounce bottle contains an elderberry syrup that hails from premium black elder. This has been used successfully in the past to treat people who wanted an immune system boost.

The syrup is packed with BioActives. These components act as defensive fighters that prod the immune system to react to pathogens. Those who use 50mg of the product get the flu fighting strength of elderberries. The syrup isn’t made with any artificial ingredients and is also gluten free. It can be used to help boost immunity in both kids and adults.

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