The Jenny Craig diet has a proven track record of helping people lose weight and has been around for more than three decades. The diet is one that bases weight loss on healthy eating and is customized for each individual client.

This is a diet that’s good for people who want to lose weight or for those who want to maintain their health such as by preventing certain diseases like type 2 diabetes. It’s also a good choice for anyone who wants to eat in a way that?s better for their heart – since following the plan can lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

Jenny Craig Diet

The basics of how the diet works is through calorie reduction done by limiting portion size that will result in weight loss. The eating portion of the diet uses food items that are lower in fat.

To ensure that dieters are eating healthy and maintaining portion control, the program uses prepacked meals along with recipes. The plan urges dieters to move more and to change the way that they think and act about food since behavior is linked with how much a person eats.

Dieters have the option of having their own personal consultant, which can help train and support the member from the time they begin the weight loss program. The consultant teaches things like what you should be eating and the portion sizes.

This is taught – along with the prepackaged meals – for the purpose that when the dieter is finished losing the weight, he will be able to eat healthy on his own. The amount of time that you’ll have to stay on the program varies, since it will depend on the amount of weight that you’d like to lose.

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To find the starting calorie amount for each individual, the person’s present weight, height, age and gender are taken into consideration. This is figured along with whether or not you?re an active person.

Those who are more active have a higher calorie level than those who aren?t. You’ll get a week’s worth of food on the program, but you’re encouraged to use food outside the program as long as it fits into the list of acceptable foods such as fruit, vegetables, low fat dairy and fats that are good for you.

Once you’ve lost half the weight you want to lose, you’ll move on to using more of your own meals following the recipes rather than relying mostly on the packaged meals. The meal plan you’ll receive is drawn up specifically for you and you?ll also get an exercise program as well as meetings with your Jenny Craig consultant.

You can choose between two programs – the regular one and the one for people who have type 2 diabetes. The food choices and the guidance are different for those with diabetes.

To be successful on this diet, you do need to commit to buying the meals and preparing fresh fruits and vegetables at home. You’ll probably want a food chopper and some refrigerator containers to store portion sized foods for that.

You’ll need to follow the recipes at home and if you?re eating out, you’ll want to plan ahead by consulting with your food coach. The diet does recommend that you take a multivitamin while you?re on this eating plan so you’ll want to prepare ahead of time with those if you’re not already taking some.

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