Are you ready to stop binging & purging and experience bulimia recovery? About half of us give up on our goals during the first week; so if you set a goal to beat bulimia, leave binging and purging in the past and experience bulimia recovery, just read on to learn how to stay motivated.

Let’s say, “stop binge-eating” is your desired goal. However, if this is how you describe your goal, then you will find it hard to achieve because it does not focus on the positive or anything tangible. Focusing on the positive is the way to bulimia recovery.

  • Reframe your goal by answering these questions:
  • What would you like to accomplish today?
  • Who can assist you in dealing with this difficulty?
  • If a miracle happened tonight, and tomorrow you didn’t have this problem, how would you know?
  • What would let you know?

Now develop your goal using the steps below. This will help you stay on the path to bulimia recovery.


Step 1 – “S” is for Specific.

Notice what you are thinking and feeling just before a binging episode.

Are you always hungry just before a binge takes place? If so decide to embrace a goal like “eat 3 healthy meals a day at 3 to 4 hour intervals.”

What does this really mean? It means to insure you obtain the recommended daily amount of nutrients, which are essential for a healthy functioning body: eat three meals per day – leaving 3 to 4 hours between each main meal. This is the way to frame a Specific goal that will lead you to stop binging and start your bulimia recovery.

Step 2 – “M” is for Measurable

Keep track of your progress. To do this; make your goal Measurable. Your goal “eat 3 healthy meals at 3 hour intervals” can be measured very easily.

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Step 3 – “A” is for Achievable.

When you break your goal down into small tasks your goal becomes more Achievable!

The way to do this is to create sub-goals – you know… bite-size pieces. For example, take one day at a time. Today plan what you are going to eat tomorrow. The sub-goal could be: go shopping for the ingredients. You are on your way to bulimia recovery!

Step 4 – “R” is for Relevant

Make your goal Relevant to you. Don’t do it for others, if you do, you are unlikely to stay with it… do it for YOU. You can beat bulimia and enjoy the fruits of being in bulimia recovery. Binging will be a thing of the past.

Step 5 – “T” is for Timely.

Allow yourself enough Time to achieve your goal. Set a realistic time frame – changing your eating patterns will take 21 days or longer.

For example,

Week 1 – eat three balanced meals a day. If a small healthy snack is necessary between meals… then have one!

Week 2 – focus on success

Week 3 – if you are feeling confident choose to experiment with foods you consider risky or conducive to binging.

Everyone learned to walk before they ran. Make time every day to review your goal to see how you have progressed. It reinforces your motivation.

Start a bulimia recovery treatment program to guide you along the path to success.

Most importantly, recognize your achievements along the way and reward yourself! You deserve the reward of bulimia recovery for your efforts.

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