When it comes to your immune system, you should at least know the basics. By knowing how your immune system operates, you’ll be able to take the steps that you need to make sure that it’s as strong as possible.

In the book, How the Immune System Works, the author presents the facts about the immune system in a way that’s not complicated. You’ll learn how your immune system works in tandem with things like nutrition and other organs.

You’ll also discover how your immune system operates to keep you safe and why it takes the action that it does. The book begins with an overview of the immune system from a multi-angle view.

You’ll learn that when a germ attacks your body and that antigen is introduced, your immune system will immediately respond. The way that it responds is by making antibodies.

Once you develop antibodies against an invader, it offers you some protection against that illness. Something that the author teaches that’s imperative for knowing how to protect yourself is when he talks about the ever changing immune system.

Your system is constantly evolving based on the threat that it faces. These threats can be either common or rare. Your immune system can recall whatever it was that attacked it because it has what’s called immunological memory.

This recall is what helps to strengthen the immune system and you’ll want to know what you can to boost this part of your health. When faced with these antigens, your body’s T cells are at the foundation of the response reaction.

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The book explains how these cells are what allow your immune system to be able to adapt to whatever it’s facing. Without a healthy T cell response, your immune system is weakened and unable to fight things off.

As a result, you can get sick repeatedly – even if you just had the same illness. There’s also a part on how T cells can identify and kill the antigens that are designed to attack your health.

You’ll also learn about lymphocyte travel through the body and how they act as scouts that are on the defense even when you’re not facing an illness. One key fact in the book that’s helpful for taking care of your health deals with how the immune system has to fix or adjust itself after an illness so that it can be in the state to fight again. Without this reset, it can be difficult to stay healthy – especially during things like flu season.

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