Often times when people are just starting to get their weight loss regimen in order, they’ll look for a few diets and some workout programs and then just dive right in. Many have found that this kind of head on weight loss routine just doesn’t work.

8-Week Weight Loss Jumpstart

People tend to stop doing it after the first month or two. In order to prevent this and to help lose more weight faster, dieticians are now recommending a simple eight week program to get you ready for your diet.

This eight week program involves eating an extremely low amount of calories every day for the allotted eight weeks, and then moving into the diet you had planned out. For these eight weeks, you’re not supposed to eat more than around 800 calories per day, which is essentially just enough for your body to run on.

During those eight weeks, your body will be taking in so few calories that it’ll start to burn off other sources for fuel, namely your excess fat cells. An important part of this program involves where you get those 800 calories from.

The general consensus says that you should have a breakfast shake or smoothie, then some meal replacement bars for lunch, and finally some kind of soup for dinner. Each of these meals should be around 260 calories if you spread it out evenly, though you could have 300 calorie breakfasts and dinners with a 200 calorie lunch.

In previous years, programs like these that result in a sharp and sudden weight drop were thought to be counterproductive, often leading to you regaining that weight after you stop.

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However, by following it up with a normal diet and exercise program, this jumpstart program has shown to be almost four times better at helping you lose weight than a standard start to a diet program.

Another major benefit of this jumpstart is that you’ll be a lot more likely to stick with the diet you move into after it. By consuming such low calories for those eight weeks, a normal diet afterwards will feel a lot more filling.

Normally if you transitioned from an unhealthy diet to a healthy one, you’d feel underwhelmed, but by transitioning from a really low diet to a healthy one, you feel like you’re eating a feast every meal. This is great way for you to see some quick results and help you encourage yourself to stick with your program.

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