Derived from the Sanskrit word for wheel, chakras are metaphysical nodes of energy where the physical, spiritual, and emotional states of being all intersect. In the simplest sense, they help analyze how the balance of energy within an individual contributes to holistic wellness.

Get to Know Your Chakras

What Are The Different Chakras?

Your chakras represent different areas of your body, arranged from head to toe. There are 7 of them in total, each with its own unique name. Each presides over the bodily region of its location and its associated transcendental characteristics.

1. Root (Muladhara): As the name suggests, this chakra is the foundation of stability and safety. Located near the tailbone, it addresses the basic needs that ground day-to- day life.

2. Sacral (Svadhishana): This chakra is the home of sexual and creative energy. It is just below the navel and provides enjoyment in life.

3. Solar Plexus (Manipura): Occupying the central abdomen region, this chakra contributes to self-confidence and self-esteem.

4. Heart (Anahata): Consistent with the wide association between the heart and love, this chakra is responsible for forgiveness, compassion, and kindness.

5. Throat (Vishuddha): True to its location, this chakra gives personal truths a voice.

6. Third Eye (Ajna): Also referred to as the mind?s eye, this chakra is housed just between the eyebrows and is responsible for intuition.

7. Crown (Sahaswara): This chakra allows the mind to achieve its most enlightened state and provides the strongest spiritual connection with the surrounding universe.

A Balancing Act

Since matter and spirit are inextricably linked at these seven points, true health is only achieved when chakras are balanced internally and open to allow free flow of energy throughout an individual. Physical ailments in the region and the corresponding spiritual elements of any given chakra freely influence each other, and understanding these connections can help identify and address root causes of health issues.

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You will find that there are many different ways to use your chakras for healing your body, mind, and soul. Some people choose to use healing crystals placed on the different chakras, while others use reiki healing with chakra healing.

Just being more aware of them is the first step to proper natural and holistic healing.

Get to know each chakra, become intimate with it and familiar with how it works, and what is needed to heal that chakra if you believe it needs healing. Keep learning and you will get to a place of self-healing.

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