An autoimmune condition is one where your own immune system goes on the attack. Only instead of attacking invaders like bacteria or viral infections, it turns and kills cells in organs that you need – or it attacks your joints.

People who have these conditions will sometimes get told that they must strictly limit their food intake and that what they do eat needs to be bland so they won’t inflame the condition.

But that’s not true and the author of Fix It with Food can show you exactly why this isn’t the case. In the book, the author explains why having an autoimmune problem doesn’t meant that you have for forego eating the foods that you love.

He explains that by using the correct ingredients, like ones that benefit your body and your condition, you can boost your immune health. The author speaks from a place of experience because he’s dealt with having an autoimmune condition.

In the book based on these experiences, you’ll learn the kinds of foods that it’s best to stay away from. But you’ll also learn what you can create using the kinds of foods that offer a defense against autoimmune issues.

By following the instructions, you’ll be able to control or lessen the symptoms of your disease. Plus, you won’t be stuck fixing only bland foods or trying to adjust to eating meals that you absolutely hate.

In the book, there are over 125 recipes that you can make. These recipes are designed to help combat both autoimmune systems as well as to stem inflammation. Most people eat foods without realizing how it impacts autoimmune health.

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You can remain in a state of constant inflammation. This prevents your immune system from being able to reset itself after an illness. In turn, you can be more vulnerable to getting seriously ill.

Knowing which foods, like sugar, dairy and more that acerbate autoimmune responses, you’ll be able to free yourself from the pain and other issues. By leaving those foods alone and instead using the right ones, you can heal yourself by resetting your immune system.

Once you do that, you’ll feel better and notice a difference in your inflammation level. Everyone has foods that they hate the thought of giving up. With that in mind, the author created both comfort foods like Mac and Cheese as well as sweet treats.

The book begins by having readers follow a cleanse known as The Reset which helps you let go of the most common autoimmune trigger foods so that you can get started quickly.


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