When you first start using kitchen and culinary herbs, you may be doing it to simply add flavor to a meal. After you have been using the herbs, you may find that some culinary herbs, like basil, have medicinal properties. This can greatly change the way you purchase, use, and store your herbs. In fact, you may end up deciding to grow some of your own to make sure you are getting the freshest options possible for cooking and medicinal use. If this is the case, then you want a full herbal collection and not just one or two options. This is where the Culinary Herb Seed Collection from Sustainable Seed comes in.

What Does the Collection Include

The Culinary Herb Seed Collection includes a lot of the seeds you would expect. For example, it includes basil and lemongrass along with oregano. In addition to the herbs that many people would feel are the basics, the kit does have a few extras. Lavender is one of the stand out seeds that may surprise some people to find in a culinary seed collection. Keep in mind lavender is now being used in everything from cake mixes and icings to teas and tinctures. Along with lavender is a standout option of dill and triple curled parsley. These two herbs, though common, are not often found in collections like this one.

What Makes this Collection Different from Others

What really makes this collection stand out is the type of seeds they are. Not only are they heirloom seeds, which is the prime aspect many people look for, they are also open pollinated. This simple aspect means that it can be planted again and again with the expectation of getting the same result each time rather than a hybrid result. This is ideal for someone who may be using the herbs in tinctures or as a medicinal option to chemical alternatives.

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What Special Knowledge Do I Need to Use the Seeds

If you know how to grow from seeds and have the right materials such as the soil or hydroponic units if you go that route, then you are good to go. These seeds could not be easier and since they are heirloom quality you can ensure you are getting non-GMO quality. If you want to grow them indoors year round, you may need to do some research on the best options for that in your area.

Overall the Culinary Herb Seed Collection by Sustainable Seed is the ideal option for getting started with your own in home culinary seed growing. It does come with a huge variety of seeds and you can purchase specific seeds later if you find that you need more of one than the other. The mylar bags make it easy to store your seeds for different seasons as well which is a huge plus if you are buying for a full year or longer of seed and plant production. 

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