Your best defense against sickness, chronic conditions and bacteria is having a strong immune system. There are several practices you can make part of your life that will help you boost your immune system.

You can learn what these are through the guidance in the book, Boosting Your Immunity for Dummies. In the book, you’ll discover the basics of how your immune system works, which will help you see why making sure it’s strong is so important.

The book will share exactly what you can do to build your immune system no matter what’s going on with your health today. You’ll be able to understand what impacts your immune system and causes you to be more vulnerable to illnesses and chronic conditions.

One part is divided into sections covering allergies. Plus, you’ll see how autoimmune conditions can cause problems for your immune system and what steps you need to take to end chronic inflammation.

After the book explains what the immune system is and what can cause it to be weaker than it should be, the book covers what you can do in order to build it back up. It talks about using a healthy diet to boost your immune system’s defenses.

You’ll discover what superfoods are and how they work to bolster your immunity against common viruses. Some people wonder whether or not they should use herbal remedies to lessen the impact of symptoms when they do get sick.

Or, they wonder if they should use herbs to prevent illnesses. The book covers both of these scenarios. The use of supplements and vitamins is also talked about in the book and you’ll learn how certain supplements make it easier for your immune system to protect you.

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The book explains how readers can practice an immune boosting lifestyle so that when cold or flu season does come around, they have less of a chance of getting sick. When you have what’s known as an immunity lifestyle, you look out for your immune system all year long and make sure that you develop habits that protect it.

The book covers some of these practices – such as detoxing. It also covers topics such as making sure you manage your stress, since stress is one of the things that has a detrimental effect on your immune system.

You’ll learn why getting enough exercise is important for your immune system. You’ll also learn why it’s important to get sunlight. You’ll also learn the truth about antibiotics, how they can do more harm than good in some cases, and what you can do about it. Along with all the immune system boosting guidance, you’ll also get recipes so that you can create meals that you can use to achieve better health.


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