The Biggest Loser Diet consists of three parts to losing weight: lower your calorie intake, exercise and maintain the weight loss. The diet is built on the Pyramid weight loss system, which counts down from 4 to 1.

You eat the most from the food group that helps you feel full for longer. So the first group would be fruits and vegetables and you?d eat four servings. Next would be lean protein for the three, the two would be whole grains and the one would an additional category for foods that were low in calories.

Biggest Loser Diet

The diet works because it teaches people to eat the right kinds of foods, in the right portion and to get moving. Health benefits that this diet are good for besides weight loss include minimizing the possibility of developing diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and heart events such as heart disease or a heart attack and some types of cancer.

There have been some studies showing that following this diet can also help you lower your risk of getting things that impair cognitive function such as Alzheimer’s. The diet isn?t difficult to put into practice.

You’ll want to make sure that you eat filling foods like fruits and vegetables. If you’ve ever looked this diet up, you’ll know that there are a lot of resources out there on how to accomplish your goals.

The foundation of the diet is found in these resources and you’ll have to know those in order to follow the principles. The diet works by jump starting your nutrition. This is helpful for someone who wants a quick start for losing weight.

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There’s also a short term six week resource you can get and one that addresses your overall body and life. In these guides, you?ll find stories from people who followed the Biggest Loser diet and found success.

You’ll also learn how to create your meal plan and important exercise tips. The diet breaks foods down by 45-30-25. The majority of your eating, or the 45 percent, will focus on carbs. The thirty is for your protein and the remaining twenty-five percent is for fats.

There are several things that you can do to help yourself succeed on this diet. Keep a food journal to help keep yourself honest about what you’re eating. On top of that, write down all your successes throughout the day – such as you chose an apple instead of a candy bar.

Or write down the fact that you exercised even when you didn’t feel like doing it. Find a support partner to help keep you accountable and to give you support and encouragement.

Start a habit of moving after you eat. If you eat, you go for a walk or clean a room. Do something besides sitting down. Since exercise is a big part of the success of this diet, you might want to get a fitness tracker and some great workout clothes and shoes. You’ll also want to buy whatever version of the Biggest Loser guidebook that addresses the goals you’ve set for yourself.

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