To boost your immune system, it’s vital that you understand the inner workings of it. To be able to fight off the things that might make you sick, you need to learn how immunology works for your health as well as how it works against you.

In the book, An Elegant Defense, the author has done a good job of bringing science down to laymen’s terms so that anyone can understand how conditions can impact your health.

He explains how autoimmune conditions affect you by sharing the stories of four people who have struggles with immune diseases. People who read the book will be able to see why they experience the physical symptoms they have as well as why they’ve been impacted emotionally by their condition.

Plus, they’ll learn how to find the strength to keep going – to keep striving for health.

Because the book is told through personal stories, it’s an easy read versus books on immune health that are bogged down with scientific terminology.

The author presents these stories in a way that shows how the immune system can help you or hurt you. You’ll discover that some immune systems can be so strong that they’re able to take on and win against serious health threats.

But you’ll also learn how your immune system can turn on you and may be able to destroy your health from the inside out. You’ll learn what you can do in order to protect your health.

The book shares how your immune system can begin to target cells in your body and in turn damage organs. You’ll learn signs that are associated with these targeted attacks and why some of the cases could end up as fatalities.

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The book shares that an immune system that’s not in balance can take down even the strongest individuals and how the stress from this can destroy relationships. While the book does a good job of presenting the evidence of immune systems gone wrong, it also does a good job of presenting the other side.

You’ll hear about situations like when the immune system is working correctly, it’s even able to fight off serious conditions such as cancer. The author excels at taking the unknown intricacies of the immune system and showing readers how they can use it to fight off things like a cold or the flu.

The book also shares how readers can discover the healing power of the immune system against harmful bacteria. It covers the things that can harm the immune system such as stress, an unhealthy diet and environmental toxins. It leaves readers with hope by sharing the evidence of treatment that can restore damaged health by healing the immune system.

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