As you embark on your journey of natural and holistic health, you will come across the use of natural herbs often. These are used in homeopathy, where you are healing physical and medical conditions with more natural remedies. Healing herbs are the same herbs you have in your herb garden or that you use to season your food, but can also have a lot of medicinal properties at the same time.

Here are some of our favorite healing herbs, and more information for using them for homeopathy.

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It would be impossible to fit all of the best healing herbs in one blog post, but we definitely want to include ginger. This is one of the top herbs with the most healing benefits. Ginger is often used to spice up cooking, but did you know it is amazing for your digestive health? This is why people often add ginger to their tea or drink a ginger soda when they have a tummy ache. Ginger is naturally soothing on the stomach and the rest of the body. It can also help to reduce inflammation in the body, provide natural antioxidants, and help boost your immune system. There are so many other benefits like helping with diabetes, infections, chronic pain, and lots more. Definitely consider using ginger if you are interested in homeopathy with herbs.


The next herb you should learn more about is ginseng, which is probably a familiar name to you. Ginseng can also be used in foods or drinks you consume, or for applying topically for a wide range of purposes. Many people find ginseng supplements at their local drug store or health food store as the main homeopathic remedy. Ginseng can help with headaches, works as a natural stimulant for extra energy, can reduce indigestion, and even helps with infertility.

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Milk Thistle

If you are interested in healing herbs, you should definitely learn more about milk thistle. This healing herb has been used for centuries in traditional homeopathic medicine. The milk thistle is a plant with seeds that contain bioflavonoids for helping with physical stress and boosting your immunity naturally. There are anti-inflammatory properties of milk thistle that help with reducing swelling, helping with digestion, and boosting your skin health. The great thing about herbs is that you get the benefits from cooking with them, making beverages like tea or infused water, and with making your own tinctures, tonics, and salves for applying directly to you

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