If you’ve been to school in the past 60 years or so, you’ve probably gotten the lecture that fat causes heart attacks and strokes, thereby meaning fats are to be avoided with all haste.

Unfortunately, this is not true. The fact is, we were lied to. It’s sugar that our bodies run on, but it doesn’t burn efficiently. We spike with sudden energy and then crash again. We eat too much of the sugar and the body stores it as fat.

Forcing the body to look for alternative sources of food, the keto diet refuses to add to the sugars already in the system and tries to “clean it out.” This is largely due to the vast amount of water you need to drink.


Being starved of its energy source, your body searches for a replacement source. The fat was stored there for a reason, after all. This is that reason. When the body has nothing else, it will start using up the reserve fuel. Namely, the fat stored.

This isn’t a “diet” so much as it is a change in metabolism. You’re switching your body and the way it works, over to the way it wants to work.

Ketosis has some bad press though. Generally, that’s due to a condition called ketoacidosis, a serious and common complaint among people with diabetes. This is a very different state. Ketosis is a natural state of the body; it just needs to be kicked in to create the change.

So toss out everything you learned about fats and the food pyramid; it’s all false. The research was flawed, and several special interest groups had a say in the creation of what we consider to be the official dietary health industry.

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For example, it’s no wonder that breads are at the bottom of the pyramid when the study was created by the US Department of agriculture who support the Heartland farmers that grow grain products!

Also, keep in mind that a survey in the 1960s was influenced by a lobbyist group that represented large combined sugar companies and suddenly fat was blamed for America’s obesity epidemic.

So don’t trust the press. Fat, the good kind of fat is what fuels your body. It’s lean and efficient and gives you energy and strength. Fat burned for energy can sooth blood pressure, lower blood sugar and do so much more in healing and recovery.

It’s all because the liver can break down elementary proteins into the chemicals your body needs.

Exactly as it’s supposed to.

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