You want to go out for drinks with friends after work on Friday, but you’ve been on the Keto diet for a while now and don’t know what to do. You don’t want to be a party pooper, and the truth is, you’d love an adult beverage. Is that even possible?

Can I Drink Adult Beverages on the Keto Diet?

The answer is complex, and you’re going to have to consider a lot of factors before taking that first sip. It’s up to you to decide if this is even worth it. Let’s take a look at the hard realities of alcohol and the Keto diet.

The harsh reality? Alcohol has a lot of problems:

You’re probably going to overdo it in regard to calories. First of all, every alcoholic drink has a high number of calories – and those are empty ones that aren’t going to do your body any good. But what’s worse? You’re also going to want to eat when drinking, and with less inhibition, it’s really easy to go overboard.

You’re going to drop out of ketosis. The Keto Diet is reliant on your liver wanting to burn fat for fuel instead of sugar. The problem here is that the liver wants to get rid of toxins in the body, and alcohol is a toxin.

You’re going to get drunk super fast. Even if you used to be the champion drinker at your local bar, your body in ketosis has no ability to handle it. That’s thanks to something called glycogen that used to be in your body that gave you something of a buffer to handle the effects of alcohol. With your body in ketosis, that’s gone now, and so is your tolerance for alcohol. Expect that first drink to hit you like a ton of bricks.

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So if you still want to drink after all this, then here are some quick tips to help keep you on the right path.


1.Eat beforehand – something keto friendly to slow the effects of alcohol. 2. Know your amounts – and watch for heavy pours so you can adjust your carbs accordingly if your bartender is a little too enthusiastic.

3. Remember calories matter as much as carbs. Keep track of what you’re drinking.

4. Stick to one drink and one drink only.

5. Choose carefully. Below is a handy list to give you some ideas about what that drink will cost you.

DRINK GUIDE (showing carbs for each)

Fuzzy Navel 38g
Pina Colada 30g
Mai Tai 30g
Sex on the Beach 30g Mojito 25g Screwdriver 19g Caipirinha 17g Seven and Seven 17g White Russian 17g Gin and Tonic 16g Mimosa 15g

Tequila Sunrise 15g Margarita 11g
Long Island Iced Tea 10g Old Fashioned 9g Bloody Mary 5g Manhattan 2g

Gin Rickey 1.5g Martini .5g

As you can see, avoiding mixers and sticking to spirits mixed with soda or seltzer is best, though again be calorie aware.

And for beer? Even a light beer has between 3 – 8.5g per serving, so be careful what you order. Doing advance research on your favorite brand would be best before you even think of going out.

Alcohol is something to be considered very carefully when you’re on the Keto Diet. So is safe drinking. With less tolerance, this means you’re going to need to be doubly aware of what you’re doing. And remember, as always drink wisely, and choose a designated driver when drinking, so everyone gets home safely.

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