A healthy immune system responds exactly the way that it should whenever there’s a problem. But one that’s unhealthy is vulnerable and can’t fight off infections or viruses. People who have autoimmune conditions have an immune system that’s weak.

One of the best ways to help yourself and get your immune system on the road to recovery is by following the guidelines taught in the book, The Immune System Recovery Plan.

The book is written by someone who understands how difficult autoimmune diseases can be because the author also has that experience. If you’re looking for a way to end the symptoms that go along with autoimmune conditions and you want to get on the road to healing your immune system in order to stay healthier, then the book is a must-buy.

It opens with the first part teaching you how to understand autoimmune diseases. You’ll learn to identify some autoimmune diseases such as Crohn’s, rheumatoid arthritis and more.

You’ll also learn the common links between these health conditions, such as fatigue – which is one of the most commonly overlooked symptoms. You’ll also be able to go through a checklist of symptoms to determine whether or not your health could fall under the heading of an autoimmune condition.

Among these, the book lists, are frequent illnesses, problems concentrating and mood swings. It also lists problems with achy joints, temperature regulation and hair loss. The author shares exactly how you can treat your health condition if it’s autoimmune in nature, as well as how you can heal your immune system.

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You’ll discover that what you eat can be one of the root causes of your symptoms. And you’ll learn about the dangers of toxins and so-called good-for-you medications. The author also covers environmental exposures and how that can affect your immune system.

The book teaches readers how to deal with infections and inflammations by using the right kinds of foods. Certain foods have medicinal purposes and the book shares recipes using those foods.

Another part of the book touches on stress. You’ll discover how this is linked to your ability to fight off illness. One of the explanations is that stress has a strong, negative impact on your immune system.

Left untreated, stress can cause a state of chronic inflammation within your body. The author shares how you can boost your liver function, too – and both this and the stress issue can be healed using food as medicine.

The book comes with a built-in workbook so that readers will be able to customize their own healing journey. For further help on immune system recovery, the author shares a list of important resources.

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