Your immune system is meant to protect you. It’s designed to keep out foreign invaders so that you stay healthy. But far too many people are having problems with their immune system because of autoimmunity.

An autoimmune condition is what happens when your body’s immune system fails to work the way that it should and instead, begins to attack from the inside out. In the book, The Autoimmune Fix, you’ll learn exactly why this happens and what you can do about it.

The author begins by explaining what the problem is concerning autoimmunity. You’ll learn what causes the condition as well as how to tell if that’s what’s wrong with you. The book addresses why a person’s microbiome plays such an important part when it comes to the immune system.

The author shares that autoimmune diseases exist on a spectrum and the book will guide you to discover where your own autoimmune disease is on this spectrum. One of the great teachings in the book on this is that autoimmune diseases don’t just appear in your life.

Rather, they slowly develop as time passes. Once the author points out what the problem is, he then shares what you can do about it. In a section on fixing your body, you’ll find out how you leave behind autoimmune problems by transforming recipes.

The main problem with autoimmune disease occurs due to the kinds of foods that you eat and the author teaches that your best defense mechanism against the condition ravaging your immune system is what you put on your fork.

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The book addresses which foods aren’t good for you because they weaken your immune system and make you more susceptible to infections and viruses. Instead of just living with your autoimmune disease, you’ll learn how you can fight back, change the way that you eat, and fix what’s going on with your health.

The main problem with autoimmune conditions is that they don’t exist without causing you problems. They continually derail your attempts to get better when you don’t address the root of the issue.

The book will show you how to end the damage from your condition by learning his Transition Protocol. Implementing this will help you understand how to protect yourself against autoimmunity as well as teach you how you can reverse the condition you have.

According to the book, the root cause of what happened to create a poor immune system is directly tied into the autoimmunity. Your system just can’t handle the way that a risky person’s lifestyle is constantly fueling the autoimmune condition.

Between that and the exposure to illnesses, that’s why your immune system turns on you. The book will show you what causes chronic inflammation and how you can remove the factors that keep it going. Once you do that, your immune system can restore itself.

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