With a rise in concerns over health risks associated with meat, and blossoming awareness of the treatment of animals, many people are switching to a vegetarian lifestyle. No matter what your personal reasons for researching a plant based diet may be, it is clear that cutting back on your meat intake can have a very meaningful impact on your health and other factors. At this point you might ask yourself, “What’s next?” So the following information is designed to give you a few tips on how to start a plant based diet.

How to Start a Plant-Based Diet

Ease Into It

With any sort of diet, success is controlled by how much motivation and momentum you are able to keep. Part of this is setting realistic goals, so it might not be advantageous for you to suddenly stop eating everything you’ve been eating and immediately switch to kale salads. Try adding a vegetable to your diet with only a minor reduction in your food regimen. For example, you could try reducing your dairy intake 3 days of the week, and add a smoothie that includes kale to your breakfast or lunch 3-4 times a week. Once this becomes natural for you, try to go 5-7 days without dairy. Eventually, you will notice a difference and your body will tell you that it prefers to go without it.

Bigger Steps

Try reading about and making the vegetarian versions of your favorite foods. The more familiar the food is, the easier it will be for you to edge over into these new recipes. Begin by adding vegetables to them, and after about 3 weeks, remove the dairy and meat contents. As you reach weeks 4-6 without meat and dairy, many of the withdrawal symptoms will have already vanished.

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You are likely to have a noticeable increase in energy, and the thought of going back to eating meat and dairy products will not be as attractive as it once was at week 2.

Invest In Cookbooks

By week 6, you’ll be feeling a lot more adventurous because you’ve already eaten so much of what you know and love. You will want to know what else is out there regarding the new foods you’ve added to your diet. Owning some good cookbooks will open your mind to a variety of new and exciting recipes that you can try, and it will keep you feeling excited about your new diet.

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