The Nutritarian diet is a diet for people who need to lose weight, at least twenty pounds, and want to do it in a way that doesn’t leave them feeling hungry or run down. It’s based on the book Eat to Live by Dr. Joel Fuhrman.

The diet is a six week plan that calls on followers to consume meals that are packed with nutritional value, but not a lot of calories. Those who do this end up eating more food – but without gaining weight.

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It’s a diet that’s built on eating plant based foods and superfoods that help fight certain diseases such as cancer. By eating according to the plan, users will not only get all the nutrients that they need, but they?ll also be able to slow aging and feel more energized.

The diet covers all aspect of the body’s health – not just weight loss. It teaches self-care in the area of emotions and physically as well. The program is good for those who want to prevent disease such as diabetes, certain cancers, cardiovascular disease and auto-immune diseases.

It also helps to lower your risk of high cholesterol and can bring down blood pressure numbers. The plan works by having followers limit their carbs and things like sugar. During the six weeks that you’re on the plan, you?ll also stop eating dairy foods and meat while replacing those foods with things like vegetables, legumes, whole grains and more.

The foods that you do eat are known for their cancer fighting nutrients. Unlike many diets, you will not be counting calories – which is something a lot of people like about this one.

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You’ll have the option of following the eating plan for six weeks or you can take part in the detoxification portion of the diet. If you choose the detox method, it helps you lose about ten pounds in just under three weeks.

What this does is help your body to get rid of toxins from foods that are good for you and ones that can trigger sugar cravings and lead to binge eating. The mainstay of the diet is vegetables – which you can have without limiting yourself.

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You are encouraged not to snack and to listen to your body when it says it’s had enough. The eating plan focuses on the diet?s food pyramid. You’ll eat foods like grains, vegetables and beans from the pyramid.

You?ll also consume foods that are considered to be heart healthy – even though they’re not low in calories such as avocados. The diet encourages users to eat a cup of beans, tofu or legumes every day along with a pound of both raw and cooked vegetables so you’ll end up eating two pounds of vegetables daily.

You also have to eat four servings of fruit every day. You have to stay away from things like salt, fruit juices and anything made from an animal. There?s a lot of emphasis on eating salads.

The success for this diet is found in the prep. You’ll need to spend a lot of time preparing the two pounds of vegetables you need to eat. Tools that will help you succeed on this diet include a food chopper, sharp cutting knives, cutting board and a vegetable steamer.

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