earthing and grounding for mental health

Anyone who struggles with mental health issues like anxiety, stress, or depression knows how difficult it is to manage. Your triggers and ways of dealing with the side effects might be different from other people, so it is a matter of figuring out what works . for you. However, one method that works great for many people is grounding yourself through earthing. Here is more information about using this method.

The Basic Concept of Earthing

Let’s start with exactly how earthing works and what you should do. Earthing is the concept of putting your bare feet on the ground ? the earth ? to help ground you. There are many benefits to earthing, including helping to reduce anxiety and stress, relieve ailments like chronic pain and inflammation in the body, and even provide energy from the earth itself.

Earthing requires always using your bare feet on earth, whether it is dirt, grass, sand, or even water like in the ocean. The concept comes from the fact that you get free . electrons when you touch the earth with your bare feet, which can help to damage free . radicals in your body. You are getting healing energy directly from the earth?s surface, which is why it is important to touch actual earth like dirt or real grass, nothing man-
made like gravel.

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How it Works for Grounding Yourself

One of the main reasons people do earthing is to help ground themselves. This is really useful if you suffer from anxiety or depression. Sometimes, to get out of an anxiety or panic attack, you need to ground yourself to know where you are and get out of those panic thoughts. Touching bare feet to ground will help you to be more mindful of your surroundings, while you get all that beautiful natural energy to help your mind and body relax even further.

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Tips for Getting Started

If you want to try earthing and grounding for mental health, all you need to do is get outside. Take your shoes off and find some earth to stand on. Aim for at least 20-30 minutes of being on the earth with bare feet to get the full effects. Doing this on a regular basis, at least once a day, will do wonders for you. This might be something you do each morning while you stand outside in your backyard, or when you take your kids to the park and kick off your shoes. It is also a great reason to go to the beach more often and stand in the sand or the ocean.

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