One of the worst parts about getting into a workout routine is having to deal with the soreness you suffer from afterwards. If you were lifting weights one day, the next day you’ll feel a deep soreness all over the areas you were working out.

Aqua Aerobics Can Help Dieters Lose Weight with Less Pain

At some point, it hurts to even lift your arms or carry things. This goes double for leg workouts like squats and running, which can leave you with some pain in each step you take.

However, some people have found a solution that lets you get fit without nearly as much soreness: aqua aerobics. The concepts surrounding aqua aerobics are pretty simple: when you?re working out submerged in water, you?re not acting against gravity nearly as much.

The water surrounding your body is much harder to move than the air around you normally would be, so it helps alleviate some of the pressure from your joints and muscles.

That same resistance is also what helps you still get a toned body. Water molecules are much more densely packed than air molecules are, so it takes more effort for you to move through them.

This is what causes your arms and legs to move slower through the water than they do in the air. When you’re doing cardiovascular exercises underwater, your muscles aren’t just fighting to move themselves, but also against the resistance of the water all around you.

Aquatic exercises can help you burn a lot more calories in a shorter period of time than regular workouts can. In a long run on land, you’ll likely only burn about 100-200 calories, which can be cancelled out completely by a soda or a snack.

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Aquatic exercises, on the other hand, can burn upwards of 500 calories in a session, which accounts for a little more than an entire meal’s worth of calories. Calorie balance is extremely important in dieting, so burning off what you eat is important.

For people who already suffer from existing joint pains and problems, aqua aerobics can be a major game changer. While it can be difficult for people with bad shoulders or knees to get into the gym or go on a run, being underwater helps take the stress off of your joints and makes the energy come from your muscles instead.

This means that there’s a reliable option for those that would rather give up due to the intense pain they get from traditional workouts.


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